Project Details

The distinctiveness of Aquariumshop lies in the type of products it deals with, precisely because they have to do with sensitive living creatures, delivered at regular intervals and which must be “uploaded” and sold instantly. Additionally, certain products are unique (e.g. corals), which must immediately be “downloaded” from the e-shop once sold. Stock management – due to the fact that the sale could be carried out both via the e-shop and the shop itself – was a time-consuming and high-risk procedure because the administrators were required to directly update the e-shop once a product was sold.

The above-mentioned procedure became very simple and safe by linking the e-shop with the company’s ERP, thanks to a plugin that we have developed. In this way, all product data and foremost all product stock are automatically updated as many times as required. Furthermore, orders placed through the e-shop are instantly saved in the ERP, in this way automatically updating the stock and availability of the products. This way, the time required for the entire updating procedure is minimal and the chances of a mistake are fractional, all of which reinforces the reliability of the e-shop.

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