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Approach clients who are looking for a business like yours, exactly when they want it

AdWords advertisements appear on Google on the top right-hand side of the search results, when someone carries out a search by using one of the key-words we have chosen.

Καμπάνιες Google Adwords

Approaching clients directly

In opposition to SEO, which requires time to show results, advertising via Google AdWords can promptly bring us new visitors, potential clients. Your advertisement will appear to every visitor searching for terms relative to the service or product you are trying to promote. In this way you are advertised to an audience already interested in your business.

Pay as much as you want, whenever you want

Whatever your budget may be, you will pay only when your ads are clicked on. If you extend your budget, your advertisement will stop being featured. Depending on the product or service, we can make proposals regarding the campaign you can choose, such as advertising by text, photo and video.

Καμπάνιες Google Adwords
Καμπάνιες Google Adwords

We survey, we analyze, we improve

Creating a Google AdWords campaign may seem easy to an average user. In reality, however, the procedure is not that simple. Data is modified on a daily basis and requires constant monitoring of the campaign so that the minimum cost-per-click in combination with the maximum number of visits can be achieved.

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